Tour Package


* Tour number 1

One Day

if you have only one day to visit Angkor, a good itinerary would be  Angkor wat for sunrise and then walking around to explore the mighty temple. from there continue to the tree roots temple of Ta Prohm, before breaking for lunch. in the afternoon, explore the templs within the walled city of Angkor Thom and a beauty temple of Bayon at the center.

* this tour is cost 75$ include tour guide car and a mineral water during the tour.    






* Tour number 2

Two days

A Two-day itinerary allows time to include some of the other big hitters around Angkor. Spend the first day visiting petite Banteay Srie temple, with it’s super Relief of pink sandston, stop at Banteay Samre on the return leg. in the afternoon, Prah Khan Neak Penthe tree root of Ta Som East Mebon And Pre Rup. spend the second day following the one- day itinerary to Angkor Wat, TaProhm,And Angkor Thom.

*this tour cost 150$ is include  tour guide car and mineral water during the tour.




* Tour number  3

Three Days

if you have three days to explore Angkor, it’s possible to see most of the important site. One approach is to see as much as possible on the first day or two and then spend the final days combining visit to other sites such as the Rolous temple and Banteay Khdei. Better still is a gradual build-up to the most spectacular monuments. after all if you see Angkor Wat on first day, then the templelike Ta keo just won`t cut it. Another option is a chronological approach,starting with the earliest Angkorian temple and working steadily forwards in time to Angkor Thom, taking stock of the evolution of Khmer architecture and history. It is will worth making the trip to the river of a Thousand Lingas at Khbal Spean for the chance to stretch your legs amid natural and human-made splendour.

*this tour cost 215$ is include tour guide Car and a mineral water during the tour.





* Tour number  4


Four Days Tour to a remote places

this tour we will take you to visit a Natural  and a Cultural Park, is it call Koulen Mountain

is about 65km from Siem resp, there is a quarry that the ancient Cambodian toke the stone to build the temple in the area of Angkor complex.


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